1. Getting Started
  2. Payment Refund Policy
  3. Manage account
  4. Build your profile
  5. Grow your network
  6. Manage Content
  7. Share Content
  8. Resume
  9. Personal Website
  10. Company Pages

a) How does it start?It all begins with your Linkedin Profile needs and package that you have chosen, as soon as we receive payment notification or request we will follow up by email then phone call to have better understanding of your needs, objective and overall mission of the profile.

b) Whats next?

After conversation with our associate on the phone we will work out entire action plan for your information and approval.

Upon your approval and agreement we get downwritemyessayrapid.com to execution.

a) Can I place one time order instead of paying for 3 months?The answer is yes and no, if you would like to get your Linkedin profile optimized, well structured and improved then take over,  we will charge 35% more from the usual fee as given, however, if you purchase service for three months all great benefits that are mentioned in service packages. (We usually quote depending on your industry and background of the profile)

b) Can I split my payment month by month?

Again answer is yes and no, if you pay all three months in advance you already qualify for discounted fee that is already provided in the website, if you prefer to pay month by month we will not be able to apply discounts, every single page is 15% more than indicated in website.

c) What if I am not happy with my profile revisions, will I be refunded?

Usually out of 99% of our clients are happy with service, if by unpredictable circumstances you are not happy, we will do all our best to meet your expectations, if you are not happy after 7 days for our service we will gladly refund and promise not to take advantage of your profile and network.

a) Can you manage account on my behalf?Upon agreement we will take over your account to manage on your behalf, all articles, blogging, changes and others will be executed only after you personally approve. All content inclusions of your profile, connections and communications within Linkedin is going to be kept secure, we ensure not to share your or your connections email to third party and others.

b) Can you help me to build strategy and I could handle the rest myself?

We have our approach and technology to grow your visibility in search engines and your connections strategically and it requires your Linkedin login and password to achieve what we promise, technically we can`t share with technology that we use, however if you prefer to handle your account yourself we are happy to provide strategy and required information as we promise.

c) Can I change password after I take over my Linkedin?

Indeed, Linkedin has function of password modification that are applicable for everyone.

a) How do we start to build my profile?It starts off with profile editing based on our action plan that you approve and subject to revision until you are satisfied, we make sure to showcase your unique professional story through your experience, skills, and education, in one statement building profile strengthen your Linkedin.

b) How much time will it take to get new branded profile done?

Usually it takes about 2-5 Business days when all required information is provided, it usually includes all details of your expertise, educational background, certification and high quality profile photo

c) Who is going to create all content for me?

We work with over 90 Professionals in 35 industries, content creation is managed by industry professional that has in depth academic and practical skills in your field.

a) How do you help me to grow my network organically?When we implement your profile and SEO Driven content we ensure that your expertise are described at it best, then using our technology we ensure to target those profiles that matter to you, we never spam or abuse, as we go along you will see strategic growth and profiles that view your profile, in order to access all profile users you are  required to upgrade your Linkedin that can be done on official website of Linkedin itself (this service is recommended to activate as you start to increase your connections).

b) Am I going to be notified with new inquiries when connecting with new users?

One of the preferred actions to undertake it to download Linkedin App to your phone and you will be provided monthly report on achievements, changes and accomplished tasks will be emailed to by the end of each month, usually between 25-30th.

c) Where majority of my connections going to come from?

We can tailor made and target your connection grow strategy, be it Ocenia, North American or Asia pacific region based on industry, region, title and so on.

a) Who will write and publish my content?We will handle content management and publication after your approval, however, we are happy to provide content and all images to you with instructions, you are welcome to try publications as well.

b) Will my content be authentic including B2C or B2B?

We always research and generate authentic content based on latest trends and hot topics of your industry.

c) Can I give recommendations and my preferences on Content?

Sure, we are happy to generate content based on your requirements.

a) What is benefit of sharing my content on my home page?The more connections you have, the more people will get to know about your expertise, some might find it interesting to like it, other can share on their wall, doing so in facebook, tweeter or your personal blog, that’s what we call visibility growth.

b) Can I share my content in groups?

LinkedIn Groups is the ideal way to connect with like-minded people around the world. Joining to groups, engaging personally enables you to meet professional peers to stay informed on relevant topics and participate in thought-provoking conversations.

c) Will the coaching provided me if I’m already comfortable with my content?

Absolutely, whether you are new to LinkedIn or an established Influencer™, our personalized LinkedIn coaching gives you the tools that you need to expertly maneuver your way through LinkedIn’s database, finding the opportunities that you want and allowing you to connect and access information that will help you achieve your objectives.

a) Why do I have to have Resume when I have my Linkedin?Having polished resume gives you a chance to apply for a job being prepared, while employers use google and Linkedin to check your profile where you look sharp, your resume will simply clear out doubts that may arise.

b) Who will develop my resume if I already have a good one?

A number of professional consultants that have over a decade of experience in Resume development will make sure that you look as solution provider and ideal candidate when applying for a job, we are also happy to provide our recommendation letters that can be posted on your Linkedin, this function can be provided upon request.

c) Can I get free assessment on my Resume?

Indeed you can, we are happy to share with our expertise and recommended changes.

a) Why personal website is important?Personal website is not important, this is another approach to promote yourself as a brand, this is a unique approach to look at you as professional, Linkedin has static non-responsive standard ook, however personal website that can be included in your Linkedin and used as a case study when you are either applying for a job with a one link or just to differentiate from the others, be it in the art, technology, real estate, personalized one page website will give you feeling of being different.

b) After website is done, will I be given tutorials on Website Management?

We make sure you get in depth understanding of your website, you will be given online support by our partners on website maintenance, editing, blogging, image replacement and others

c) Will Website help me in SEO or Searches?

Indeed if you have your full name domain and register in relevant hosting ( we can help on that) it will be showing up during searches whenever someone searches your full name depending on website`s purpose it can act as a case study of your projects, art works, blogs or just your diary…. This is what we call Link Building to improve SEO.

a) How does company page management work?If you have existing company page we will research, indicate changes that we believe should be undertaken, content, audience engagement and management, overall mission of page would, unless you have a company page, then we would design a strategy identifying page`s objective, its benefits, moderation style, press releases, career pages and the rest.

b) Can I handle a company page myself?

Indeed you can if time allows, if you are into managing audience engagement, directly communicating to fans and followers.

c) How does Content management will apply to my company?

Twice a week we will publish trends related to your industry to motivate audience to learn more about industry news, at the same time sharing with your content that will be simultaneously published in your personal profile to notify growing number of your connections.

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