7 Deadliest mistakes in Linkedin profile page

Linkedin with more than 430 million registered users today enabling people to connect, network, find a job, partner, pitch and most importantly brand yourself. They say first impression lasts longer than any other, especially on Linkedin, some mistakes are considered to be either deadliest mistakes or unforgivable if you are concerned about your reputation.

Below are seven selected deadly mistakes to avoid to manage online reputation

1. Profile Picture

Not having a picture or having a picture that isn’t that irrelevant to profile is a sign that rises suspicion, You don’t need to pay a photographer to take a photo of you that you’ll use for your LinkedIn profile, but you have to have your photo that gives a number of advantages such as; profiles with pictures are 11x more likely to be viewed. If you don’t have a picture, you’re missing out on a considerable amount of profile traffic from recruiters, prospects, influencers, colleagues, and a bunch of others who aren’t even on your radar. If you think about views as votes, you’re losing the election to become someone’s salesperson, next hire, or new connection by a landslide.

7 Deadliest mistakes in Linkedin profile page

2. Generic Headlines

Having generic, dull, unoriginal or barely understandable LinkedIn profile damages your reputation and. Like a good “elevator pitch,” your headline should be clear, original, and compelling. Your headline should reflect your expertise, eye catchy along with your profile picture.

In many ways the most important element in your LinkedIn profile is the combination of your name, your LinkedIn headline and your profile photo.

7 Deadliest mistakes in Linkedin profile page

3. Incomplete Linkedin Summary

Your Summary is your story — the story of your career or your business. Never simply leave your email and tell people to connect for more information, this is failure doomed profile that one care, unless you are a super start. Some prefer to use “third Person” approach Mr.Jackson is… some believe this is not correct approach, however, as long as your story is said to convey its message in a compelling way, you describe your achievements, milestones and why you what you do, by looking at summary from a investor point of view will give you a chance to think of strategy how you would like to work on your summary.


4. Your Current And Past Job Descriptions

When describing your previous and current experiences it`s quite important not to create resume type of approach and LinkedIn would’ve taken off like it did if it was merely a database of resumes. Resumes are stiff, formal, and self-promoting.

When describing your Experiences and Projects you were involved no need to tell what you did everyone can check from google about your company, the most valuable information would include what changes you have brought after you joined and describe in facts, reinforcing your statements by recommendation and projects by showing case and sharing with links would be best reflection of your words.

7 Deadliest mistakes in Linkedin profile page

5. Not personalizing connection requests.

You might think sending a few “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn” requests aren’t so bad. Unfortunately, you’re wrong. According to HubSpot’s Is Social Selling Creepy? survey report, 64% of buyers and consumers said they’d regard a generic LinkedIn request from a salesperson as “creepy.” Don’t scare your prospects away, unless you are a professional that has upside potential and value that can be used in variety of industries for example Digital Expert, Data analyst, CRM professional, Public activist, involved in globally recognized/admired NGO. Users would like to connect to people that have either chances are very high.
7 Deadliest mistakes in Linkedin profile page

6. Generic InMails

LinkedIn should not be treated as another channel to spam people on. If you’re mass sending generic InMails to everyone in your network, you’re doing it wrong. Any interest you might receive in your message will likely by counteracted by a significant number of disconnects. If your message isn’t specific enough to be intended for one person and one person alone, don’t send it at all, it will impact your inline reputation.

7 Deadliest mistakes in Linkedin profile page

7. Not taking advantage of profile views

The option that allows user to see Profile views is great resource to initiate conversation with potential client, lead, partner or even VC. If someone looks at your profile, consider sending them a message the more personalized is message, the more chances of having response.

7 Deadliest mistakes in Linkedin profile page