Linkedin Profile check list

Creating compelling Linkedin profile might look like a time-consuming activity, simply including information about yourself is to create presence, but to create profile that attracts potential target audience can be indeed a huge challenge, be it recruiter, potential lead for your service/product, a partner that you think has perfect set of skills to help you in your idea or executing next million dollar idea, or someone who can refer someone. To earn that respect as a Linkedn User it`s extremely important to have well structured profile, Here’s a helpful checklist to help you achieve a 100% completed profile, with tips to make sure you’re on the right track.

Profile Picture

  • Appears in LinkedIn search results
  • LInkedin profiles increase profile views by 60%
  • Positive Professional LinkedIn profile picture creates better impression

Location & Industry

  • Appears in LinkedIn search results
  • Including your location and industry earns credibility of viewer
  • The detailed description of the industry, the more profile views


  • Appears in LinkedIn search results (an initial 5 seconds impression)
  • Avoiding Generic/Vague description and replacing specific skills set improves/attracts profile views
    (i.e Personal Coach Vs 45 days training certified program Coach)
  • Another aspect to consider if you want to position yourself as job seeker or professional that can sell practical skill

Contact Info

  • Some include website, social media, one must make sure that there is email to connect
  • If you are potential job seeker you need to make sure that your LinkedIn is visibile to everyone


  • Tell your story, make it simple and easy to read
  • Avoid “Buzz Words” rockstar, superskilled, motivated in other words, overused words that occur in LinkedIn
  • Share your accomplishments, how you delivered impact, share you links that leads to Call To Action
  • Remember people buy stories, magic and experience, integrate these tools within your summary


  • Including your publications is great source to show your value to viewers

Awards, Volunteer and Community Involvement

  • Research shows that over 40% of HR look for volunteer experiences
  • Sharing your community and charity involvement gives extra edge to be competitive in the labor market

Recommendation Letter and Projects

  • If you had great projects that you were involved, including them will show your project skills and good for SEO
  • Requesting your previous partners or employers who can write you a personal recommendation letter is additional bingo to get noticed