What is Rapportive and How it Helps?

What is Rapportive and what are its benefits? When working online, time-saving and efficiency are key. The usage of Rapportive helps you to understand, learn and have updated information when emailing to a particular email recipient.

Rapportive is a Gmail plugin that pulls in all the online and social media details of anyone’s email address you hover your cursor over and shows them as a profile on the right-hand side of your inbox. Details such as their social media accounts, their photo, company, job title and description, location and any contacts you both share. You can then click to directly connect or visit any of these online profiles.

Rapportive shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox.

Why is it useful?

Rapportive is really handy for a number of reasons:

You can see a photo of your contact – useful if you’re arranging to meet them!
You get to see a summary of what they’re doing online (see this Rapportive image above)
You can quickly and easily connect with them on a number of platforms without leaving your inbox
You can send your contact a tailorable LinkedIn connect request straight from your inbox and bypass the ‘how do you know this person?’ hoop that LinkedIn makes you jump through on their site

More than that, if you got an email from anyone who is connected to Rapportive and integrated social media outlets, you would see their profile info location, job titles and any relevant social networks that user is on.

This is where things really get interesting because all from within these profiles, not only do you get one click access to all your contacts social networks but you also get to see the last things they tweeted about just by hovering over their Twitter handle. How’s that for a personal conversation starter in your next email?

This information shows up by default and doesn’t require your contact to sign up for any additional services. It merely pulls together a social graph based on their email address and the networks they use and displays it for you without you ever having to lift a finger. If you have multiple contacts, just hovering over someone’s email address will call up this information.

This is really just the beginning of what you can do with Rapportive though. As you connect it to your various social networks, you build out your own profile and connect more robustly with people, all right there next to your Gmail. The more you explore, the more you find, to learn more about Rapportive click here.